ComplexGen: CAD Reconstruction by B-Rep Chain Complex Generation


We view the reconstruction of CAD models in the boundary representation (B-Rep) as the detection of geometric primitives of different orders, vertices, edges and surface patches, and the correspondence of primitives, which are holistically modeled as a chain complex, and show that by modeling such comprehensive structures more complete and regularized reconstructions can be achieved. We solve the complex generation problem in two steps. First, we propose a novel neural framework that consists of a sparse CNN encoder for input point cloud processing and a tri-path transformer decoder for generating geometric primitives and their mutual relationships with estimated probabilities. Second, given the probabilistic structure predicted by the neural network, we recover a definite B-Rep chain complex by solving a global optimization maximizing the likelihood under structural validness constraints and applying geometric refinements. Extensive tests on large scale CAD datasets demonstrate that the modeling of B-Rep chain complex structure enables more accurate detection for learning and more constrained reconstruction for optimization, leading to structurally more faithful and complete CAD B-Rep models than previous results.